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Photo by Aurash Khawarzad

WeSee.Us is a participatory digital billboard that functions in public space. WeSee.US is a tool that can be used to accomplish the following goals:

• transforming people from consumers of brand advertising to producers of content that addresses local issues;

• participatory planning for the development of cities;

• open government and informed decision-making;

• and activating public space with interactive technology.

The technology behind WeSee.US, developed by DoTank partner Tomorrow Lab, consists of a projector, wireless mobile hotspot, and tablet computer. The hardware can be mounted to a pole, surface, or be self-standing. Software for WeSee.US consists of a customized tumblr webpage – WeSee.US.

With their smart phones, viewers of the projection can email images that are instantly projected at billboard scale in public space – creating community generated and controlled public messaging. Images that are projected in public space are also cataloged on the WeSee.US website.

In an era where advertising is becoming more  and more pervasive, we seek to use technology to give the power of advertising to people, as opposed to corporations.

WeSee.US has been piloted in Atlanta, GA, and Brooklyn, NY. The image above is of the WeSee.US prototype. A new version, seen in the rendering below, is currently being developed.

Rendering by Vish Deo